Friday, April 9, 2010


Wow, it sort of feels like I haven't been on here in forever.
Which is pretty much because, well, I haven't.
So, there are some rather excellent giveaways and contests going about that I recommend you check out ASAP. (I've also linked some amazing blogs on that little side bar thing. You should go and look into that. It's pretty cool.)
Bloody Bookaholic has a wicked awesome contest, and you should get over to the blog, like right now, and check it out. It's insane. (In a totally crazy awesome unbelievably amazing way.) Oh. And may I also take this moment to point out, that not only does Bloody Bookaholic have a great blog, I also think it deserves an award for having one of the greatest blog titles. Ever.
Black and Blue Ink also has a fantastic contest that you absolutely need to go enter. Did someone say 120+ Followers Contest Extravaganzz? Oh I think so! Lol. Congrats on having so many followers*. Your blog is totally awesome.

Alrighty. Thats all for the moment I believe. I'm going to post somemore later I thinkith. Right now, I'm still trying to get my 3 columns! I have the link that Andrea (Loud Words and Sound) gave me, which showed how to get 3 columns in your blog. The only thing is Blogger keeps telling me blah blah blah is invalid and there are all these errors in the code. Ugh. I'm not a very html-y type of person.


*120+ ??!! Thats incredible! Dude. I'm still geeking out over getting 11 followers! Haha. You totally deserve it, Chioma. And Happy Birthday!