Friday, April 16, 2010

And the Oscer Goes to...

Well I wanted to just thank Blue at Fantasy4eva for giving me my first award, The Honest Scrap. Woohoo! You should also go and check out her blog, because it is just amazingg.  

So, I have to pick 10 blogs to also give this awesome award to...
Dim the lights.
And the award goes to...

-Loud Words and Sound
-Lost in Ink
-Can't Find a Bookmark
-Books That No One Would Ever Give Up Willingly
-Cleverly Inked
-A Good Addiction
-Adventure Through Wonderland
-In Which a Girl Reads
-Black and Blue Ink...

Congrats. (:


Ky said...

Ah thanks Chase. :D

blueicegal said...

awww thanks girly your to kind :D

djaq said...

your welcome guys, you deserve it (: